Candace Cable

Candace Cable

In 1975, Candace Cable was involved in a tragic automobile accident. Rather than give in to a  lesser quality  lifestyle,  this woman was determined  to make the commitment to turn her life around. With support from family, friends, and professionals she emerged as one of the world’s most successful athletes in the Paralympic Movement.

Candace embraced the three sports of Wheelchair Racing, Alpine, and NordicSki Racing. Between 1980 and 2006,  she won  12  Paralympic medals  and in  1992,  she became  the first American woman to medal in the Winter and Summer Paralympic Games during the same year. In 2004, Candace became the first American woman to win an Over-All World Cup Title in Cross Country skiing.

She was a  pioneer of  the sport  of wheelchair  racing and  won national  and international titles in  all track  and road  distances as  well as  84  marathons,  including  6  Boston Marathons.  Candace earned  Olympic bronze  medals in the  1984  and  1988  Summer Olympic games  exhibition wheelchair track events.  These races  created  unparalleled disability awareness of the truth that when people are given the opportunity to adapt and advance, they will excel.

In  2006  Candace retired  from elite sports competition  to pursue  a  second career  in understanding  disability conditions and  in consulting  about gaining  access globally  for everyone.  She is  a  writer,  webcast host,  video producer  and  Human  Rights  representative to the United Nations for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and a trainer with Open  Doors  Organization since  2010.  She shares  messages of  advocacy,  sports diplomacy and the understanding  of disability  with the  US  Embassy as  a  member of  U.S.  State Department Speaker and Specialist Program.

She is a member of UNICEF’s inclusive education task force, the USOC Athlete Advisory Council,  Virgin  America’s  Advisory  Board.  Candace is  on the  board of  the  United  States International Council on Disability and is Vice Chair of the LA2024 board bid commission to bring the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games to Los Angeles in 2024.

Contending that  “limitation”  is a  state of  mind and  a  function of  our environments,  Candace has spoken all over the world about the strength of our human spirit and it’s ability to find solutions to life’s  problems through  creativity,  willingness, and  collaboration.  Can-dace dispels  the myth  that if  you have  a  disability, you  cannot be  a  whole person  by reminding everyone  that  “disability”  is a  part of  the human  condition that we will  all experience as long as we continue living.


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