Cathy Marino

Cathy Marino

Two-time Olympian Cathy Marino knows all about the power of dreams. And she is a strong believer that such dreams coupled with dedication, desire and hard work can come true.

Cathy is a sprint kayaker who competed in 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games. She was a leading Olympian hopeful in 1983 but she injured her shoulder right before the Olympic Trials for the Los Angeles Summer Games. Cathy was an eight-time national champion and her athletic ability earned her a spot on the hit syndicated television series “American Gladiators.” Always a competitor, Cathy earned a spot in the finals of the American Gladiators show.

In addition to her Olympic dreams, she also wanted to become a fire fighter. In 1981, she became the first woman ever to pass the Santa Ana College Fire Academy program and she began working with the Orange City Fire Department. Later, Cathy would join the City of Long Beach Fire Department and she rose to the rank of Captain in 2000. Cathy has an outstanding record of leadership and service within the City of Long Beach, Huntington Beach and within the Olympian Movement.

Cathy served on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Olympic Committee’s “Olympians Helping Olympians Relief Fund” and also has served for years on the boards of the Southern California Olympians & Paralympians (“SCOP”) and the Koroibos Foundation, Inc. In 2004, Cathy portrayed the “Goddess of Victory” during a special Athens Games Tribute for two evenings at the Hollywood Bowl.


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