When will tickets be mailed?

Tickets were mailed during the first two weeks of September.  Tickets that are ordered after October 1st can be retrieved from Will Call on the morning of the conference.

An email will be sent to all ticket purchasers advising when tickets are being mailed so you can look for them. Remember, if you purchased tickets for others, all tickets will be mailed to the ticket purchaser for distribution.

If you have not received your tickets or have additional questions or concerns, please contact hour ticket hotline at 661-371-2204.

Why do I continue to receive mail and email to purchase tickets after I have already purchased?

Don’t panic. Receiving email or mail with more opportunities to purchase tickets doesn’t mean we haven’t received your purchase. If you have a receipt for a credit card purchase or acknowledgment card for a purchase made by check, we have your purchase. We do continue to mail and email ticket purchase opportunities as some find they want to purchase additional tickets and do not have the original mail or email. We also email Conference announcements regarding speakers, events, and announcements regarding the Conference.

What time should I arrive to best enjoy the Conference?

The gates open at 7:30 a.m.  The actual grounds o the Conference are approximately 30 acres.  If you arrive early, you can enjoy complimentary refreshments, Continental breakfast, Farmers Market treats, and explore the grounds and good views from the Ferris Wheel.  Or, you can let the kid in you come out as you hop on your All-American Carousel, listen to music, have coffee while reading the articles in your syllabus, and hear presentations which run simultaneously starting at 8:30 in your Political and Borton Petrini How-To Business Tents as well as the Olympic Pavillian.  You can also browse the Stars and Stripes Arcade featuring books written by or about today’s speakers and entertainers. You can check out the Sports Tent and Beer Garden to orient yourself, check out the Ice Cream Pavillian which will be hopping all day long, or enjoy music at the Honky Tonk featuring local talent.  In other words, it’s good to come early and get a good parking spot while orienting yourself to our 30-plus acre grounds and get ready for a terrific day as the Main Tent program gets underway at 9:30 a.m.

What should I wear?

California casual is the dress of the day. Wear comfortable shoes (no high heels or flip-flops). The grounds are grass and have some elevations. You should consider layered clothing in case it gets warm in the afternoon or nippy in the early morning or evening. Please check the weather the day before the event as this is an outdoor, all-weather event. Consider sunscreen, Chapstick, sunglasses and whatever you would normally wear for a garden setting.  Click here for the local weather forecast.

Where is the parking located?

A parking map will be provided as soon as all parking locations are finalized, including for handicapped parking.

Do I need money at the event?

Everything is complimentary including parking, refreshments, and food. Money is only necessary if you wish to purchase books or sundries in the Stars and Stripes Arcade or you wish to purchase alcoholic beverages. Credit and debit cards will also be accepted.

What services do you provide for the disabled?

If you have physical limitations, you may park in disabled parking. We will have golf carts available to help you get around the grounds, and we will have wheelchairs and listening devices for your use. Just let one of our ushers know in advance so we may accommodate you. We will also have medical doctors and nurses available in the Bakersfield Family Medical Center Services Tent. And if you need a short break or nap, we offer the Quiet Deal with cots for resting during the day. Just ask and we will assign someone to help you enjoy the Conference all day.

Where will I be seated?

Exact locations cannot be determined until the Fire Marshal signs off on the seating as we build the tent and lay out the tables and chairs. Please don’t let your location in the Main Tent put a damper on your day, and explain to your guests that locations are assigned based on a drawing held last November (almost 6,000 were in the first drawing). Seat locations after the drawing were assigned based on date of receipt of ticket purchase except for sponsor seating. We will have large video walls throughout the Main Tent. Our experience is that even those seated in the closest seats still watch the video walls because they present the speaker as bigger than life. Some have even requested seating at the back of the Main Tent so it is easier to come and go to the other venues during the day. Remember, no matter where your seats are located in the Main Tent, you may hear and see nationally recognized speakers in the Political and Borton Petrini How-To Business Tents as well as as the Olympian Pavilion who will speak simultaneously with the Main Tent speakers. Almost all Political Tent speakers would be keynote speakers at any other event. The Political Tent, Olympian Pavilion, and Borton Petrini How-To Business Tent have first-come seating. So if you wish to see a speaker in one of those Tents, you will almost certainly be within 10 to 20 feet of the speaker. The speakers in the other tents will also do “Q & A” which we cannot do in the Main Tent.

How will I know when speakers are appearing in the Celebrity Tents or doing book signings or meet-and-greets?

Throughout the day, the video screens in the Main Tent will have announcements that will scroll across the bottom of the screens letting the audience know who is signing books and who is doing meet-and-greets in the Stars and Stripes Arcade area, and will also give notice of who will start speaking in the other tents five minutes after the current speaker in the Main Tent is finished.

What is the evening program?

As the sun goes down and the speakers wind down, the Conference will adjourn for its complimentary picnic, concert and patriotic fireworks show. This year’s Conference will star the legendary king of dance, Chubby Checker, twisting the night away. Chubby is the only artist to have five albums in the top 12 at one time. He also had the first-ever platinum record, and he is the only artist to have a song be number one twice. He is also the only artist to have nine double-sided hits. The Twist was voted the record of the century and Chubby is credited with changing the way we dance while selling over 250 million records!

How long is lunch?

Lunch is complimentary and the only time the Main Tent breaks during the day. All attendees will be served in one-half hour or less. We allow one hour for you to get your food, visit the grounds and socialize, and then we get started again in the Main Tent with our door prize drawing.

Will there be a charging station for electronic devices?

Yes. There will be a charging station on the grounds. A map will be provided for location as soon as the grounds layout is finalized.

Will you be posting speakers’ times in advance?

Yes. Speaker times will be posted one week prior to the conference on the conference website.

Alcohol Policy

You must be age 21 or older to consume alcohol. Proper ID will be required. Please be sensible about the amount of alcohol you consume. We would like you, and those around you, to enjoy the conference.

Will there be medical services provided at the conference?

Yes. We will have a First Aid Tent sponsored by Bakersfield Family Medical Group staffed with a physician and nurse throughout the conference. There will also be an ambulance on site in case of a medical emergency.

Can I come and go during conference?

Yes, as long as you have your ticket stub and your hand stamped.

Will there be a Will Call where I can pick up tickets or leave tickets for my guests?

Yes.  There will be a Will Call outside the entrance gates where Will Call tickets may be picked up or left for guests to pick up.  Photo ID and signature will be required for those picking up tickets.

Will there be a designated place for RV parking and/or camping on the CSUB campus?

There is no designated RV parking and no overnight camping on the CSUB campus. RVs will be parked with regular vehicles. There are several local RV campgrounds including those listed below. The Conference does not have special pricing arrangements with any of the RV campgrounds.

  • Bakersfield RV Resort, 5025 Wible Road, Bakersfield 93313, 661-833-9998
  • Bakersfield River Run RV Park, 3715 B7urr Street, Bakersfield 93308, 661-377-3600
  • Smoke Tree RV Park, 4435 Hughes Lane, Bakersfield 93304, 661-832-0433
  • Suncrest RV Park, 2555 Jewetta Avenue, Bakersfield 93312, 661-589-2438
  • Rosedale Village RV Park, 13901 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield 93314, 661-589-0593


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