We want one of these jackets!

We want one of these jackets!

Two-Time U.S. Olympic Athlete and 2016 Business Conference Speaker Cliff Meidl  is set to debut the new team USA flag bearer uniform this morning on the Today Show.  The uniform comes with quite the jacket, too.

According to the Ralph Lauren blog,  here’s a description of the luminous jacket:

Before the American flag bearer leads Team USA onto the track at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã stadium during next Friday night’s opening ceremony, he or she will reach inside the pocket of the opening ceremony blazer and flip a switch. At that moment, electroluminescent panels on the front and back of the jacket will be powered on, and a shining U.S. Olympic Team logo (at the chest) and “USA” (at the back) will be seen around the world.

To create this cutting-edge blazer, the Polo team took the standard-issue opening ceremony blazer—made in Rochester, New York, at the Hickey Freeman factory—and sent it to a Flextronics facility in Texas, where those electroluminescent panels were affixed to the jacket. The panels are powered by eight AA batteries, but, once powered on, they’re strong enough to beam “USA” to the roughly 80,000 people inside the stadium—not to mention the billions of people watching on TV.

It will be a unique moment in the storied history of the opening ceremony, as unique as the jacket itself. And how unique is that? There’s only one way to get it: carry the flag for Team USA at the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Here’s a video rendering:


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