Julianne McNamara

Julianne McNamara

As a member of both the 1980 USA Olympic Team and the 1984 USA Olympic Women’s Gymnastic Team, Julianne McNamara is one of those outstanding Olympians who led the way to the excellence that is now enjoyed by our female Olympic gymnasts.

Yes, the “Final Five” owe much of their success to the momentum that was created by such gymnasts as McNamara. Julianne won the first ever individual gold medal by a female American gymnast (gold in the Uneven Bars at Los Angeles Games).

Julianne was one of six outstanding gymnasts on the 1984 team that earned the Silver Medal in the Team Competition. She also won another individual medal (the Silver Medal in the Floor Exercise in 1984).

Following her Olympic success, she made numerous personal appearances and became an actress and commentator.

Today, Julianne continues to be an Olympian role model and has made a number of appearances on behalf of the Los Angeles 2024 Committee that is attempting to bring those Olympics to Los Angeles.

How appropriate this is considering that Julianne was one of the breakout stars of those 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.


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