New Books from 2016 Conference Speakers

New Books from 2016 Conference Speakers

2016 Bakersfield Business Conference speakers Joe Plumeri and Stephanie Miller have new books out.

Joe Plumeri

Joe Plumeri has been the CEO of five companies and, as one of the top business speakers in the country, he can talk business with the best of them.  But, Joe’s new book, The Power of Being Yourself, is every bit as much biography and self-improvement as it is about business.  If you want to get to know Plumeri as a person before you hear him speak or meet him at the Bakersfield Business Conference in October, this book should certainly do the trick.  The book weaves advice about how to find authenticity with a very personal story about the death of Plumeri’s son.  It’s moving, sometimes funny, and offers great advice to those who want to feel happier and more comfortable in their own skin.

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller, who is the #1 liberal talk radio show host in the country, has released her popular biographical ebook, Sexy Liberal!  Of Me I Sing in print for the first time.  Stephanie is the youngest child of the late Republican Congressman William Miller of New York who was conservative icon Barry Goldwater’s running mate in 1964, but we’ll have to caution conservatives that this book is deeply liberal and highly profane as you might expect from a stand-up comedian.  So, it’s probably not for our most conservative attendees, and definitely not for children, but if you’ve been wondering who Stephanie is and what she’s about, you’ll enjoy this funny, touching, and overly honest mix of biography and political humor.

Plumeri’s The Power of Being Yourself is currently on sale at Amazon, but we’ll also have books from our speakers at the Stars and Stripes Pavilion tent at the conference if you want to pick up a copy there.


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