Paul Gonzales

Paul Gonzales

Paul Gonzales was the winner of the 1984 Olympic gold medal for boxing in the light-flyweight division.

During his amateur career, Paul 118 national AAU titles. For 10 consecutive years he won the Los Angeles Golden Gloves, The Police Athletic League, The LA Diamond Belt, and numerous other championship titles. At the age of 15, Paul won the Golden Bear championship for the fourth consecutive year, becoming the first and only contender ever to come out of the Junior Olympics to win a major amateur championship.

Paul Gonzales is the first American in the light flyweight division and the first Mexican-American ever in the history of the Olympic Games to win an Olympic gold medal. He was the fifth recipient since its creation in 1892 to be awarded the Val Barker Cup – the most prestigious award given in Olympic competition as the most outstanding boxer pound for pound of the 23rd Modern Olympic Games.

Paul was one of the sentimental favorites during the 23rd modern Olympic Games, which produced what many believe is the greatest Olympic boxing team, which also included former Bakersfield Business Conference speaker Evander Holyfield. As a professional, Paul was the first member of his Olympic team to win a professional championship in his third fight.

Paul is continue to devote his time and efforts towards helping inner-city youth overcome the day-to-day challenges of life and survival in their neighborhood. He is a particularly inspirational voice for at risk, inner-city youth because he grew up in one of the toughest barrios in East Los Angeles.

Paul was honored to be included in Sports Illustrated’s All-time Greatest Boxers List of the Century with names such as Mohammed Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and George Foreman.


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