Rick Perry and Rudy Guilliani steal the show at the RNC

Rick Perry and Rudy Guilliani steal the show at the RNC

We’ll be welcoming Governor Rick Perry to the Bakersfield Business Conference stage for the first time this October 8th.  But, we think his introduction of the lone survivor, Marcus Luttrell, at the Republican National Convention, yesterday, was terrific.  We’re pleased that ABC 15 in Arizona posted video coverage of his remarks so we can share them with our conference community:

Also, 2010 Bakersfield Business Conference speaker Rudy Giuliani riled up the crowd to great applause.  His speech can be found here.

Remember, if you aren’t in Cleveland, but you’d like to enjoy some of the best speakers from the RNC in Bakersfield, you just need to wait a couple of more months to enjoy our special election year Bakersfield Business Conference on October 8th.  And, in addition to Republican and Democrat political leaders and thinkers, we’ll have different perspectives, really great music, Olympians, and much, much more.  If you know someone who should be at the conventions this year, but isn’t, bring them to the Conference and make memories to last a lifetime!

Tonight, we’ll hear from Kevin McCarthy a past speaker and current speaker at the event.  Conference speakers Ben Carson and Laura Ingraham will also be addressing the RNC in prime time in the future.

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