Videos of More Bakersfield Business Conference Speakers at the RNC

Videos of More Bakersfield Business Conference Speakers at the RNC

A couple of days ago, we posted video of speakers at the Republican National Convention, including one of this year’s speakers, Rick Perry, and a speaker from year’s past, Rudy Giuliani.  We’ve received a request to post video of some of the other speakers at the RNC this week who will also be addressing our audience on October 8th.  Here are three more:

Ben Carson spoke well, but with only around seven minutes on stage, we were left wanting more.  Attendees of the Bakersfield Business Conference will be getting just that on October 8th.

Our social media channels have been blowing up with glowing reviews of Laura Ingraham‘s speech.  She’ll also be speaking at the Bakersfield Business Conference this October 8th:

Finally, we’d like to share our Congressman’s address to the Republican Convention.  Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will be joining over 30 speakers on this year’s lineup, but he’s been a local crowd favorite in year’s past, as well.

If you couldn’t make it to the RNC this year or you know someone who would love to see the best of the RNC live, we humbly suggest you spend your day with us on October 8th.  This special election year presentation of the Bakersfield Business Conference will have more than just great political speakers, too. Expect your happy fill of great music, Olympians, fireworks, and all that has earned our event a reputation for being America’s premier one-day speaking event.


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